illustration credit (above)
bryan minnich
After the onset of COVID-19, it seems as if we are living out a movie script. The anxiety is only exacerbated by the uncertainty that surrounds us during this trialing period. Conservation treatments have come close to a halt and what will be the new normal? Fortunately, our Executive Trustees appropriated a portion of the endowment to allow our staff to be paid through the end of June. A very grateful staff thanks them for this incredibly generous decision. In addition, Terry Haskins, my assistant and Accounts Manager, was first at the plate to apply for the Federal Paycheck Protection Program and as a result we received a payment of $246,900. On a happy note, the Center is extremely grateful to Sheila M. Stone, the WACC Board President for the last six years. Sheila will be leaving her position, and Katie Hazlett Schmidt will be taking her place. Katie is a trustee of Mass MoCA and the Williamstown Theater Festival. Sheila's generosity and keen guidance has elevated the Center to the best position it has ever been in. My personal warm and endearing friendship with her will continue past the end of June when she technically steps down. While we have been quarantined, our staff continues to work and innovate from home—this difficult and solitary period has also posed a time for inspiration and creativity. We cannot wait to return to the beautiful artworks that await us in the studio and miss interacting with our colleagues. Zoom has allowed us to stay connected but it just is not the same as pre-pandemic. At best, we all need to stay safe as the future unfolds. Having had to wear a mask when out makes me realize the hardship that all of our essential workers are going through.  Hat's off to them!
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